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Are you tired of ...

… asking questions on StackOverflow hoping that someone, who might or might not have more experience than you, provides you with the required entity mappings?

... copying random code snippets hoping that they fix your problem without introducing new bugs?

You are not alone.

Hibernate is a powerful framework. It provides lots of features which should make the implementation of your persistence layer quick and easy. But all these features combined with the complexity of your domain model make the task look a lot harder than it actually is.

I was struggling with it myself. It took me several years, lots of different projects and more mistakes than I prefer to admit to learn about all the various Hibernate features and their pitfalls. Now, after using Hibernate in all kinds of projects for more than 15 years, I am sharing my knowledge and experience as a consultant, author and trainer specialized in Hibernate and JPA.

It makes me sad to see developers struggling with their daily work and the sometimes questionable recommendations they get on the internet. I believe that Hibernate is an amazing framework and that most of the problems can be easily avoided. That's why I sat down and created the Advanced Hibernate Online Training to guide you on your way to becoming a sought-after Hibernate expert.

After you have completed this training, you will:

Map Complex Domain Models With Ease

The domain models of modern business applications use inheritance, custom data types and composite keys. I will show you how to use the right Hibernate annotations to map your domain model to database tables.

Confidently Choose The Optimal Hibernate Feature For Each Use Case

You will learn when and how to use Hibernate's advanced features to create a quick and efficient implementation for each use case.

Let Hibernate Solve Your Complex Business Requirements

Hibernate provides high-quality implementations for features like concurrency management and multi-tenancy. So, it's better to use these features instead of implementing them yourself.

Become the Hibernate Expert of Your Team

Your knowledge about Hibernate's advanced features will get you expert status within your team and enable you to work on the most interesting tasks available.

Get In-Depth Hibernate Knowledge

33 Video Lectures with Example Projects and Exercises that show you how to use Hibernate's advanced features to implement complex requirements.
Advanced Mappings

Learn about advanced mapping concepts to handle complex table models and legacy databases.

  • Lecture 1: Relationships With Additional Attributes
  • Lecture 2: Composite Primary Keys
  • Lecture 3: Cascading
  • Lecture 4: Generated Columns
  • Lecture 5: Embeddable
  • Lecture 6: Formula
  • Lecture 7: Column Transformer

Understand JPA's and Hibernate's different inheritance strategies and when to use them.

Custom Data Types

Support custom and database specific data types with AttributeConverter and UserTypes.

  • ​Lecture 19: AttributeConverter
  • Lecture 20: UserTypes
  • Lecture 21: Choose The Right Approach For Your Use Case

Use Hibernate's multi-tenancy feature to support multiple, independent tenants with a single application.

  • Lecture 25: Concept of multi-tenancy
  • Lecture 26: Technical options with Hibernate
Java 8 Support in Hibernate

Learn about the Java 8 support in Hibernate 5 and how you can use it to retrieve query results as a Stream or map classes of the Date and Time API.

  • ​Lecture 29: Date and Time API
  • Lecture 30: Optional
  • Lecture 31: Streams
Criteria API

Create dynamic, type-safe queries at runtime with the Criteria API and JPA's Metamodel classes.

  • Lecture 8: Criteria API
  • Lecture 9: JPA Metamodel
Listeners and  Events

Learn about the difference between EntityListeners and Lifecycle Events and how you can use them to execute custom code.

  • Lecture 16: Lifecycle Callbacks
  • Lecture 17: EntityListener
  • Lecture 18: When To Use Which Approach

Understand Hibernate's concurrency handling to avoid issues in production.

  • ​Lecture 22: Introduction To Concurreny Management
  • ​Lecture 23: Pessimistic Locking
  • Lecture 24: Optimistic Locking
Hibernate-specific Queries

Load multiple entities in batches or by their natural ID with Hibernate's proprietary API's.

  • ​Lecture 27: Load by natural key
  • Lecture 28: Load by multiple IDs
Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Understand common Hibernate patterns and why you should or should not use them in your project.

  • ​Lecture 32: Patterns
  • Lecture 33: Anti-Patterns
About the Author

My name is Thorben Janssen, and I'm the author of the Amazon bestselling book Hibernate Tips - More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems.

For the last 15 years, I have been using Hibernate and JPA in all kinds of projects. From small ones with very aggressive timelines to huge projects that had to handle thousands of users.

The requirements of these applications were very different and I learned that Hibernate provides good solutions for all of them. You just have to understand the features with their advantages and disadvantages.

​I'm looking forward to showing you how to use Hibernate's advanced features so that you implement complex persistence requirements with ease.

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What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

We have included it into our standard training library

“Using the more advanced parts of object relational mapping, like dealing with complex inheritance structures, has never been easy. Thorben explains them in his Advanced Hibernate Online Training in an easy to understand series of lessons and exercises.Implementing complex mapping structures is a breeze after this.

We have included it into our standard training library for new developers.”

Stephan Knitelius (Senior Consultant)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Great combination of video lectures, example projects and exercises

“I liked the Advanced Hibernate Online Training a lot.

The training provides a great combination of video lectures, slides, example projects with JUnit tests and exercises with solutions. This approach is pretty unique for an online course. It not only made it easy to understand the different features and concepts, but it also helped me to apply them in my daily work.

I was on a tight schedule and this course was perfect. It is well organized into compact and effective modules, with short lectures and exercises that made it easy to schedule time to learn after work. I was able to complete the training within several weeks despite my time constraints.

The Advanced Hibernate Online Training helped me to understand Hibernate much better and I recommend it to everyone who is using Hibernate."

Jean-Claude Brantschen (Software Engineer)

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